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Recently, your love life has no longer been the same. You are feeling confused and unsure of how to behave. You are wondering if there is something you can do to improve the relationship with your partner. Often you feel alone, even though you are two sharing the same life. You are having second thoughts.

You are feeling stuck with your career. You are dreaming of a more fulfilling job, but are afraid to chase your dreams. You are standing in front of a brick wall, wishing to jump, but feeling paralyzed. Maybe you are not even sure what you are looking for.

Today you live abroad and your expat life is challenging you to the point you are questioning your certainties, your role, your own identity.
Whether you work or are a trailing spouse/partner, you have family or are single, you are facing a moment of personal crisis in a foreign country. You feel the need to move forward in your life: you want to overcome the hard time this choice has been giving you and bring balance and awareness back into your life.

Outside The Box is a short coaching program that allows you to focus on a specific question or topic that you cannot answer. You will discover a different point of view, you will get rid of your old mindset and give yourself a chance for change, expansion and growth.




  1. You would like to see your problem from another point of view but your mindset is not allowing a (broader) view of your future.
  2. You are having second thoughts and doubts about your love life and would like to understand what is not working.
  3. You wish you had more time for your self-care, personal growth and interests; possibly without feeling guilty.
  4. You need to understand if your current job is aligned with what your beliefs and values.
  5. You want to take a first step towards a clearer vision of your expat life.


During our sessions we will use the Points of You® cards: pictures with apparently no connection with your current situation. They make your rational system interact with your creative one.

  • You describe your topic (what is “keeping you up at night”) and we will talk about it.
  • We will schedule a first 30-minute call and then a 90-minute one.
  • You will find unexpected and innovative solutions for your issues.
  • You will begin to think “outside the box” of your mindset and limiting beliefs.
  • I will email you all the necessary instructions for our online sessions.
  • The cards will inspire you to find the answers that you already have in you and bring them to light.
  • At the end of our sessions you will have a little action plan over the short, medium and long-term.



  • A first 30-minute call to get to know each other and define the problem you want to solve and a second 90-minute call.
  • You will be encouraged to get rid of your old mindset.
  • Your doubts will be clarified and your dilemma and questions will have an answer.
  • The evocative power of the Points of You® cards will allow you to trigger a small change in yourself.
  • You will have an action plan ready to help you take a first step towards the change you want in your life.

Outside The Box costs 140 euros, which you can pay via PayPal.

Alessandra’s coaching program has given me greater awareness and increased my self-confidence. I felt supported and understood in a time when I was feeling completely lost. She showed me how to reach my inner CENTER again in a professional and graceful way. The assignments she recommended were tailor-made around myself and proved to be a way to enrich and discover my inner world...some of them hurt a bit as they were meant to dig into the “abyss” of my fears but brought effective and enlightening results in the end. Thank you!


Milan, Italy

I recommend everyone Alessandra’s programs. They are really life-changing! She proved to be extremely professional and skilled. She helped me to achieve the goals we set with assignments designed to meet my needs. We have established a very empathic relationship as she was always available to answer my questions and doubts and made sure each time I had clearly understood all the assignments.


Shangai, China

Following one of Alessandra’s programs has helped me to identify my inner barriers, achieve my goals and desires and to understand how to prioritize. I received very useful tools to dig deeper inside of me and understand myself better and to become more aware of all the steps that led me to what I am today and why. In addition to offering me a new vision of things, Alessandra gave me the necessary input to change and start taking action, as well as useful and practical assignments I can always go back to every time I feel tired, discouraged or in need of some positive energy.


Milan, Italy

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