Lost In Transition


You are going through some deep changes in your life: you know it is natural and inevitable, still you are feeling insecure and a little lost.
You are changing job. You are afraid you will not get along with your new co-workers, that your supervisor is not going to like you, that you will not get good results with your new career.
What if you are making a wrong choice?
As the saying goes “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

You are experiencing a change in your love life. You are at the beginning of your relationship or, on the contrary, you have seen the first signs of a deep crisis you had never noticed before. Or maybe you are happy together and have decided to start a family. But sharing a life abroad is not as easy as you thought. When you find yourself having to deal with such strong feelings like those revolving around your love life, it is difficult to make rational decisions without being carried away by the waves of emotions. You know you need to do something. It just seems impossible to figure out what.

You have chosen to relocate to a new city, or country. You have never believed it would be easy, but excitement is fading faster than you thought and you feel you need some guidance, a friendly support, someone to show you the right direction to take. Everyone back at home is admiring your new expat life and perhaps, before leaving, you had the same idea too. You thought you were about to start an endless vacation. The truth is expatriation has both positive and negative sides and they are often difficult to predict. You left your country to follow your partner and left family, friends and work behind, but now you feel you are struggling to create your own life.

It is never easy to adapt to transitions, even if they are part of the human experience. Sometimes we start to change on our own; sometimes it is just unexpected. What’s obvious is that in both cases the ability to re-adapt to a new balance requires major mental and physical energy.
I had to face a difficult divorce that tore apart every aspect of my life.
I have been in constant transition my whole life. From Carrara to Milan, from Milan to the Central African Republic, in Chad, and then to Jerusalem. I have gradually become more and more aware of the path my life was taking and embraced it each time more.
I had the same experiences and same identity crises every time I crossed a new border. I saw the same thing happen to other women, friends and sisters, expats and non-expats, because, at the end of the day, we are all warriors at the battlefront of our life.

Change is a natural part of our life; transition, on the other hand, is the inner process we go through to adapt to change. Embracing different mindsets and lifestyles can increase your resilience and adaptability skills and can help you to create a life that is more able to adjust to new places and new conditions.

I have chosen to guide you on this journey to help you reconnect with your inner music, your own rhythm. You will become more aware of where you are right now.



  1. You are in a transition phase and you need to understand which direction to take.
  2. You feel lonely, a little lost and sad and are not quite sure about who you are anymore.
  3. You are miles away from the life balance you used to have.
  4. You are facing a strong cultural shock after moving to a new country.
  5. You need to understand how expatriation has affected and changed you and the new life you are living.


 We will be together for 2 and a half months with 5 one-hour coaching sessions twice a month. If you think you’d be more comfortable at a lower pace, we can reschedule but I would not recommend to allow too much time between one session and the next one.


  • We will make sure we have the chemistry it takes.
  • We will start to define the area that needs improvement and how to best approach it.
  • We will analyze how you are experiencing your current change, the emotions you are feeling, your needs and values.
  • We will collect information about you through self-assessment exercises and assignments I will give you after each meeting.
  • You will become more aware of your strengths.
  • We will develop an action plan and a clear vision to face your transition and achieve a better balance.
  • I will ensure you continue to stick to our action plan to achieve the goals you set for yourself.
  • I also will ensure your achievements are rewarded!



    • You will receive a video recording of each session to be able to review it whenever you need to.
    • At the end of our journey you will have a complete action plan to make your transition a more sustainable phase of your life.
    • You will be encouraged to improve all areas of your life which are not in line with you and regain a living that fully represents you.

  • You will have an external support to get a clear vision of your path.
  • You will become more aware of what your expat life means to you.
  • You will have the chance to confront yourself with an expat woman like you, who has already been through all you are experiencing right now.
  • You will transform your troubles into opportunities for growth.

The price for Lost In Transition is 350 euros, which you can pay via Paypal.

Alessandra’s coaching program has given me greater awareness and increased my self-confidence. I felt supported and understood in a time when I was feeling completely lost. She showed me how to reach my inner CENTER again in a professional and graceful way. The assignments she recommended were tailor-made around myself and proved to be a way to enrich and discover my inner world...some of them hurt a bit as they were meant to dig into the “abyss” of my fears but brought effective and enlightening results in the end. Thank you!


Milan, Italy

I recommend everyone Alessandra’s programs. They are really life-changing! She proved to be extremely professional and skilled. She helped me to achieve the goals we set with assignments designed to meet my needs. We have established a very empathic relationship as she was always available to answer my questions and doubts and made sure each time I had clearly understood all the assignments.


Shangai, China

Following one of Alessandra’s programs has helped me to identify my inner barriers, achieve my goals and desires and to understand how to prioritize. I received very useful tools to dig deeper inside of me and understand myself better and to become more aware of all the steps that led me to what I am today and why. In addition to offering me a new vision of things, Alessandra gave me the necessary input to change and start taking action, as well as useful and practical assignments I can always go back to every time I feel tired, discouraged or in need of some positive energy.


Milan, Italy

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