Rolando Toro System

Biodanza® SRT (Rolando Toro System) was created in the 1960s by Chilean psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro Araneda, nominated in 2001 for the Nobel Peace Prize for his contribution to humanity thanks to his work with Biodanza.

Biodanza® (dance of life) is a self-development system created by the interaction of music, body language and emotions in order to integrate and harmonize mind, body and spirit and to foster human capacities, communication skills and self-expression.

It is currently found and practiced in 54 countries.

Biodanza® is also used in community service programs, in educational, health and community facilities as a teaching, therapeutic and/or socially-useful tool.

I have practiced Biodanza® since 2002 and taught Biodanza®SRT.  Since 2008 to both adults and children. I specialized in Biodanza® for Adolescents and Children and Identity and the Four Elements.

I teach in Italian, English and French.

HOW Biodanza® CAN HELP

  1. Releases body tension and stiffness.
  2. Develops and increases your motor-affective integration.
  3. Revives the energy that flows into your body.
  4. Reduces stress levels.
  5. Stimulates creativity and vitality.
  6. Promotes clear communication and social inclusion

WHO IS Biodanza® FOR?

  1. Babies, children and families
  2. Elderly people
  3. People with movement or behavioral disorders
  4. Specific ethnic groups for their social integration
  5. Refugees and asylum seekers
  6. Corporations and public institutions

HOW Biodanza® WORKS

Biodanza® invites participants to integrate what they hear (music) with how they want to express it (movement) and how they feel (emotions). This brings a holistic and harmonizing effect on the nervous, immune and endocrine (hormonal) systems and strengthens the ability of the body to adapt and heal itself.

Some hormones, such as endorphins, are released to a greater extent, such as some neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin.

Physical changes lead to recovery and rejuvenation and help to rest, relax and revitalize the body in a natural, healthy and constant way.

A SESSION OF Biodanza®

A Biodanza® session consists of free or guided dances and exercises to be taken individually, in pairs or in groups. Each exercise is led by a very specific piece of music, carefully chosen among different genres: pop, rock, Latin, jazz or classical.

Each class starts with some energetic, fun, rhythmic exercises that create a sense of joy and connection with others. Then the rhythm slows down allowing deep relaxation and a more intimate connection with yourself.

During the session, communication is preferably non-verbal. No dancing experience is required. No steps or routines to learn. Classes are taken barefoot or with non-slip socks and comfortable clothing.

Biodanza® classes consist of weekly 90/120-minute group sessions and/or experiential workshops.

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