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You have chosen to leave your country to support your partner’s career. Today you are living abroad and expatriation has brought many positive aspects: getting to know a new culture, a new language. That special sense of adventure and mystery. It has broaden your horizons and opened your mind

However, sometimes managing your expat life just becomes impossible.

You have had to give up your dreams and desires. You cannot even find some time for self-care. You have forgotten how unique you are as an individual and now you are living only to meet the needs of your family, your children, your partner. This is a very common situation for expats. Especially if you are the one who has followed his/her partner. It has become your sole responsibility to make everyone happy and serene. To rebuild that harmony you seem to have left in your home country.
You are having issues as a couple because of your new lifestyle and you do not know what to do to regain control of your relationship. You cannot see a way out and you do not understand what has happened to the two of you since you have been in this new country.

You no longer have a job and it seems impossible to restart a career in the country you are right now.

If you are a single expat or a couple with a career, you are facing too much work-related stress and time management is becoming more and more difficult.
You are heading for a burn-out with no chance ahead to find some time for yourself.
You are feeling tired and overworked and your energy has almost vanished. You are living on a constant “emergency mode”.
Your children need to adapt to a new culture and environment. You have got family conflicts to deal with. Those around you have a desperate need for someone to make them feel at home, anchored in a safe haven and you have chosen to be that haven.

But who is taking care of your happiness? No one. Not even you.

You had hard times before and you have always embraced challenges, changes and transformations as opportunities for growth. Yet, this time, something is different. Your Wonder Woman mask has come off. You just cannot seem to find some time to listen to your needs, to understand what is not working for you. Perhaps this is not even your first expatriation experience. But you cannot take it anymore. You feel you cannot be a calm and serene parent for your children and a loving companion for your partner.
You probably don’t even have one single problem. You need to work on different aspects of your life.

You have no idea who you are, what you want and what “living a fulfilling life” means anymore.

You would like to have more time for friends, for you and your partner, for your personal growth and for some self-care. Yet you cannot make any of these your first priority.

My life has been all about transitions.

I had tough losses to process. A divorce that made me lose everything: my work, my home, the town I used to live in, my friends and family. I joined humanitarian projects in the Central African Republic and in Chad  . Places where taking care of myself was almost impossible: life standards were way lower than I was used to. There was practically nothing.

Today I live in Jerusalem. I am not an expat for easy countries, perhaps because when you live in places where life narrows down to human contact only, you understand that any personal change depends exclusively on the projects you are on and on the energy you put into them.
I have chosen to guide you on this journey to help you BE YOU again and to realign your body with your mind and spirit.



  1. You feel overworked, under pressure and constantly living on an “emergency mode”.
  2. You feel powerless, tense and nervous everyday.
  3. You are undergoing a strong cultural shock in your new country.
  4. You cannot find a good work-life balance.
  5. You are pushing yourself too much and are heading for burn-out.
  6. You need to understand what happened to your relationship after relocating.
  7. You need to find more time for yourself but you cannot help feeling guilty.
  8. You want to be able to say “no” again and find some peace of mind.
  9. You want to build a good social life in your new country, but cannot seem to find enough strength and time to do it.


We will be together for 5 months with 10 one-hour coaching sessions twice a month. If you think you’d be more comfortable at a lower pace, we can reschedule, but I would not recommend to allow too much time between one call and the next one.


  • We will identify those areas of your life you have been neglecting and the wrong habits you have developed.
  • We will work on each area to rebalance your life and bring it back to its original splendor.
  • I will give you some assignments at the end of each session.
  • We will set your goals, priorities and new habits to follow.
  • You will take a quiz to self-assess your well-being and stress levels.



      • You will receive a video recording of each session to be able to review it whenever you need to.
      • We will create a complete action plan to make your life more sustainable and experience an immediate improvement.
      • I will encourage you to address all those aspects of your life that need to be changed to regain a living that fully represents you.
      • You will connect again with yourself, your values and your deepest needs.
      • You will be able to find time for self-care and for your desires again.
      • You will have an external support to “show you the way”.
      • You will have the chance to connect with an expat like you, who has been in the same place you are right now.

    • You will reach a better work-life balance.
    • You will have goals to achieve and you will be able to apply what we do together to every aspect of your life.

The price for Back To You is 700 euros, which you can pay via Paypal.

Alessandra’s coaching program has given me greater awareness and increased my self-confidence. I felt supported and understood in a time when I was feeling completely lost. She showed me how to reach my inner CENTER again in a professional and graceful way. The assignments she recommended were tailor-made around myself and proved to be a way to enrich and discover my inner world...some of them hurt a bit as they were meant to dig into the “abyss” of my fears but brought effective and enlightening results in the end. Thank you!


Milan, Italy

I recommend everyone Alessandra’s programs. They are really life-changing! She proved to be extremely professional and skilled. She helped me to achieve the goals we set with assignments designed to meet my needs. We have established a very empathic relationship as she was always available to answer my questions and doubts and made sure each time I had clearly understood all the assignments.


Shangai, China

Following one of Alessandra’s programs has helped me to identify my inner barriers, achieve my goals and desires and to understand how to prioritize. I received very useful tools to dig deeper inside of me and understand myself better and to become more aware of all the steps that led me to what I am today and why. In addition to offering me a new vision of things, Alessandra gave me the necessary input to change and start taking action, as well as useful and practical assignments I can always go back to every time I feel tired, discouraged or in need of some positive energy.


Milan, Italy

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