01. Can you tell me something more about your professional path?

I graduated as an English/French Interpreter and Translator (1987) and then obtained a Diploma in Business Administration. I worked for a long time as a freelancer, a teacher in public and private schools and as an employee in foreign trade companies. In 2002 my “second life” started and changed my career and life completely.


  • In 2008 I certified as Biodanza® Srt. teacher and in 2013 as a Didactic teacher. Both certifications issued by the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF). I specialized in Biodanza for children and adolescents and Identity and the 4 Elements.
  • In 2014 I became a certified Life Coach at the school “Accademia della Felicità” (Academy of Happiness) in Milan.
  • Since 2017, I have been a NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) Practitioner with an international certification signed by Dr. Richard Bandler.
  • In 2019 I became a Points of You® Explorer.
02. What are the expat-related issues you deal with?

I work with expat women who need to regain a better life balance.

In the expat world the so-called “trailing spouses/partners” or “accompanying spouses/partners” are those women but also (a few) men who, like me, have chosen to follow their partner abroad in his/her career. They have no work permit (even if they used to work back in their home country) and they take care of their children (if they have some), his/her husband or wife and everything that concerns their household management, including the difficulties and the sense of frustration this “role” might bring.

I also support expats who have relocated for work (they can be single or have family or partners with them). They undergo expatriation problems too (even though in a different way) such as burn-out, relationship difficulties, a little space for themselves and the family, overworking and stress-related problems, etc.

I work with all of them to help them regain their balance.

03. I Am not an expat. Can you hel me too?

Changes in life are inevitable and, as a result, so is feeling unstable. Whether it is a job change, the beginning or end of a relationship, the start of a new family or a relocation to a new city or country, transitions are part of the human experience, but can often be difficult to deal with.

With any big change (no matter if planned or unplanned, expected or unexpected) there is no doubt that the adaptation phase will be challenging. A major amount of mental and physical energy will be required to adapt and find a new balance.

All the books on stress, changes and their transition phases state that life events can be very stressful but a lot depends on our mindset and how we face them.

Change is a natural event; transition, on the other hand, is the inner process we go through to adapt to change.

That is why I work on transitions: I help you create a life that is adaptable to new places and new conditions.

04. How Do I kwow which coaching program is best for me?

My coaching programs are designed to dig deeper and deeper into the change you want to bring to your life.

Outside The Box helps you focus and work on a specific topic.

Lost In Transition deals with more complex transitions and offers you additional tools to face and overcome them with a personalised action plan.

Back to You is my longest journey, and is designed to bring balance back into every aspect of your life.

05. Can you explain what Coaching is?

Coaching is the process by which you help yourself express your potential and overcome a problem or through which you achieve personal growth goals.

Life Balance, on the other hand, means that I help you restore balance back into all the different areas of your life.

06. How do coaching sessions take place?

Coaching sessions take place in Italian or English via Skype or Zoom, but if you live in Jerusalem we can meet in person.

07. Are you still teaching Biodanza?

For any questions about Biodanza you can read this page or email me at info@alessandraperini.com.

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